Vintage Drum Photos and Information, Contributed by Drummer Friends

Here, drummer friends can share photos and information about their vintage drum gear.

Thanks, to all contributors.
 - Mike James

Vintage-style "Brush Fire Classics" brushes, by Tom Osborne.

Note from Mike James: These are the nice, lightweight brushes we grew up with. (Red ribbed rubber handle, wire loop end)

Tom Osborne's history with these brushes:

"I'm Donny Osborne's brother and have been making brushes for some years only because my brother couldn't find the old Slingerland type of brush they used to produce years ago. This is the same exact brush that Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich used during their careers and is the same brush Don is using now.I worked for Slingerland as a supervisor for fourteen years so that's how I knew how to make these brushes. Because Buddy used the drums for many years and my father knew him very well, I of course got to know him and developed an ear for what Buddy wanted in snare drums and I ended up being that guy who made and tuned his snare drums when needed. I saw the band enough and got to know what he wanted and always remembered the sound he would explain to me. I still remember the sound to this day and could do it again if he were still alive."

"Anyway the brush name I use is "BRUSH FIRE" I would like to call this particular pair "Brush Fire Classics". I cannot use anyone's name at this point because of legalities and permission to do so. I retail the brushes for 20.00 a pair plus shipping and handling. To order, email me at"

Mike James - Vintage Slingerland "Radio King" drums

If you click here or on the "Vintage Drums" link near the top of the page, you'll go back to my page, describing my past and present equipment.

"TommyP" - Vintage Rogers drums

TommyP is an avid collector of vintage equipment, including both Rogers and Slingerland. He was the first person in recent times to share photos of his gorgeous Rogers sets with me, and it's my pleasure to share them with you.

Tommy has also sent some photos and info on another find... some vintage 1948 Ludwig (WFL) drums, in the traditional "Buddy Rich" configuration. Check 'em out!

Don Schiller - Vintage Slingerland "Radio King" drums

Don has collected this very nice set of vintage Slingerland drums.

Walter Hern - Vintage Rogers drums

Walter has put together a great vintage Rogers kit..

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