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First of all, I am not an expert in "big time" marketing. If you feel that your music and/or your band is worthy of a major recording contract, then you should pursue that, after forming a very strong management and legal team. Major commercial recording agreements can cause you all kinds of headaches if you stumble into that realm unprepared.

Today, you can market your music yourself, to a worldwide audience, with ZERO risk. You can do that via your own web site, (probably the best choice) or via other social media like Facebook, and other free (or very inexpensive) methods, and use a service like PayPal, so that you're paid directly, with no middle men. The internet lets you reach the entire planet, so even if your music is very "niched", your odds of making some worthwhile sales are pretty good. And... As an artist, I think you'll agree that even if you don't make a fortune, it's good to let the planet hear what you did, and listen to the feedback you get. I'll show you a few ways to get started with that, without the big risk and expense of commercial methods.

- Mike James

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