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This winter I'm doing a major rewrite of my book, "Drumming for Life™" and have begun a series of Podcasts for drummers. I'm also adding quite a few new online articles, to help working drummers solve problems we all face from time to time. Ultimately, this page will become the "index" for all those articles, so check back occasionally.

To kick things off, have a look at the updated version of my newest article, which begins with drum "tuning", and goes on to discuss musical form, how to create fast drum parts, transcribing and reading commercial parts, and improvising. It now includes audio samples, and will be expanded even further as time goes on. Click here to view the article.

This book, in it's constantly-updated form, has been online since the year 2000. Now that we've all got considerably-faster computers and internet connections, I'm able to offer a richer experience, with better graphics, more audio, more video, etc., and I think you'll appreciate the improvements. All the previous excerpts and articles can still be found on the Hot Topics page.

The video camera I was using died, and so until I can obtain a better video system, I've decided to concentrate on the online articles and Podcast series, and put the "Drumming for Life™" DVD on hold. I'd rather wait until I can do it right, than to produce an inferior one.

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