A few remarks about live art...Mike James

As a lifelong musician (drummer) I have a special interest in live art, including music. When artists are allowed to express themselves freely, creativity flourishes, and we all benefit from new concepts, new products, new artistic ideas, music, poetry, science, etc..

But, just as digital forms of art die without computers, live performances die without people. From a musician point of view, "If you don't come out to the club, we starve." So, I urge you to support creative people and ideas, and avoid "bootlegging" in all it's forms. Get out of the house and go see a show, hear a band, visit the art gallery, etc.. No society thrives without culture.

Creative people often sacrifice creature comforts, and even their own health, in order to concentrate on the projects they create. Artists making these sacrifices deserve our support.

Thank you for visiting!

- Mike James -

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