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Episode #01 (11-30-07) (1 hour, 35 minutes)  Two versions available:

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An exclusive interview with Donny Osborne, comments by Cathy Rich and Beverly Getz,
and a great article by my good friend and great drummer/composer Fred Marcin.

Steve Poltun is Donny's exclusive manager.

Donny Osborne, (son of Don Osborne Sr., president of Slingerland in the early 1970's) was Buddy Rich's protege and was Mel Torme's exclusive recording and touring drummer for over 23 years. He is still a big part of Portland's vibrant Jazz scene. You can see a video from one his clinics at Donny has taken the influence of Buddy Rich and other drumming greats, and forged it into his own style. Donny's new CD, "Live At Tony Starlight's" was released November 11th, 2007. Donny was featured in the February '08 issue of Classic Drummer Magazine.

Cathy Rich is of course, Buddy Rich's daughter, and the proud mother of Nick Rich, who is also a drummer. Beverly Getz is the daughter of saxophonist Stan Getz, one of the true giants in jazz.

"So, you got the gig." - A great article by Fred Marcin

From Mike James:

What a blast!
A HUGE thank you to Cathy Rich, Bev Getz, Donny Osborne, Steve Poltun, and Fred Marcin, for making this first episode so great! It was my pleasure to speak with you all.


Mike James

This was fun, and was very special for me, but I won't be doing more music-related Podcasts.

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