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About The "Drumming For Life™" Project

The title of this ongoing project, "Drumming for Life™" refers not to some "health" issue, but rather to commitment. I don't personally claim to be a great player, but I see improvement as the years go by, and that's enough for me to continue. It's also why i hope all of you will continue, and try to be better each time you play.

I began playing drums in 1964. Since then, I've been collecting notes and observations, with the idea of writing a drum book. Instead, I've decided to make it available free on this site, and update it occasionally. I'd like to be part of helping young drummers, in particular to develop in the best possible way. We can all learn something in the process!

The aim of the project is to share information with all drummers, regardless of "style", showing different approaches on HOW to play, not WHAT to play. There are some useful methods, sound clips, animations, and other tips, which I hope might enable you to do what you do with more confidence and less wasted energy. ...And, it's free.

Mike James

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