The Rogers "Swiv-O-Matic" Bass Drum Pedal

Up until about 1974, Rogers Drum Company created many great innovations for drummers, including effective and creative tom and cymbal holders, hi-hat stands, a great seat, and this bass drum pedal. I bought this one on my birthday in 1972, and am still using it today. That's a great statement on their quality, because this one certainly hasn't been pampered.

There was only "weak point" to this pedal, in my opinion, which was the method used to connect the pedal footboard to the pedal base. (the rod underneath the pedal) So, in about 1980, I had a machine shop beef that up for me a little. (photos below) Aside from that, the pedal is completely "stock".

This pedal has every adjustment you'd ever want. You can adjust the spring tension, the length of the beater's stroke, the length of the footboard stroke, the length of the footboard itself, the length of the connecting strap, and the overall height of the pedal. It also has two very serious retractable spurs, which keep your bass drum from sliding on most surfaces.

The pedal, from the right side

The pedal, from the left side

The welded-on modification to the footboard connector

The spring connection on the right side

A little closer

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