Buddy Rich Photos contributed by Steve Jacobs

Buddy at Disneyland, August/early September '72

Attached are a series of 10 high quality black and white's taken with a Nikon camera in late August/early September '72 at the Carnation Plaza in Disneyland during the annual "Salute to the Big Bands" for your enjoyment. These capture B.R. at the height of his prowess and, are from my personal collection of Buddy Memorabilia that I've been adding to over the years, so do with these what you will my Friend. Of special note: Buddy is using the 5.5x14 Fibes snare drum which he preferred to the stock Slingerland Model, that caused so much consternation with D.Osborn Sr. at Slinglerland!

Mike please go ahead and post these at your discretion for all to enjoy!
Steve Jacobs - Mapex USA

Great, Steve! Thank you. (Mike James)

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