Submission Guidelines

To those who have already contributed:

Thank you so much, for contributing these great "new" recordings of Buddy Rich, so all of us can enjoy them. I understand how personal these recorded "moments" can be, and think you've made the right decision, so all musicians can learn from the master drummer, his writers, and his fellow musicians.

The clips I host on this site are hosted with the knowledge and permission of Cathy Rich (Buddy's daughter, who provides, the official Buddy Rich site.) and her family. I also believe Buddy would want us to hear them, rather than letting them be "silent" in someone's attic. These are great historical moments, and we all benefit from hearing them.

New Contributors:
Help me present this music better, by following these guidelines, as much as possible:

These aren't rigid "requirements". Just provide the best info you can, so we know what we're listening to. Thank you!
  • Are they "legal" for me to post? Some clips seem to be from an "unknown source", or "intended for TV, but never released", etc.. If they seem unpublished, I'll typically go ahead and post them, with a clear note saying basically, "If any of you find that I'm violating anyone's rights, let me know, and I'll remove them immediately." (So far, there have been no problems.)
  • I will properly credit and thank you for your submission, alongside the concert clips. If you have a web site, I'm also happy to add a link to your site, so visitors can get to know you and your work. If you prefer to remain anonymous to my site visitors, that's fine too, as long as I know who you are.
  • Audio: Typically, these files would be too large (or too many) to send via normal email. But, there's a handy (FREE) service called "yousendit", which you can find at It's a free service where you can post photos, including this email address ( Use ) then I can download them from there. I've used that on many occasions when people wanted to send extremely large files, and it works well, without either of us having to do any complex FTP procedure. I can convert whatever audio format you use, into MP3's for use on my web site. It's best to send the highest-quality version you have, so I can compress them intelligently. Of course, if you prefer, you can send a CD. Just email me for my mailing address.
  • Photos: They can simply be emailed to me, or you can use the "YouSendIt" service mentioned above. It's best to send the highest-quality version you have, so I can compress them intelligently. As with the audio clips, you can send a CD if you prefer. Just email me for my mailing address. If you trust that I'll take care of them, (and return them!) the best way to get quality photos posted here is to send me the negatives, so I can scan them. If you scan your own photos or negatives, please do two things, which will make my life a lot easier... First, gently wipe them off, and wipe your scanner off, so there aren't a lot of dust specks, etc., on them. And second, please scan them at the highest resolution you can, so I can post the best versions possible. (I recommend 600dpi) Thank you!
  • What's the source of the recordings? (i.e., Did you record them yourself? If not, who did, and with what equipment?)
  • The date and location of the performances is a big help, so I can post these as I have so far, in their correct historical order.
  • If you were at the performance, please include your comments. Sometimes, the perspective you get visually at a concert can explain otherwise-odd things we hear on the recording. Let us know your thoughts! This can be done in a simple email, or you can send a paper version, if you like.
  • I have plenty of web space to host (unpublished) video of Buddy and his bands, too. If you have this kind of material you'd like to share, we would all love to hear and see it!

Mike James


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