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Like to study great drummers?

For many years, Bernhard Castiglioni has had the best drumming-related site on the planet, drummerworld.com. There are huge amounts of information, photos, and videos of all the top drummers. To check out the newest educational materials there, visit the DrummerWorld News Page.

Music-related articles:

A series of articles and notes for those of you with an interest in arranging, transcribing, and composing music. Click here for the intro. (or look under the "Articles" menu at the top of any page)

Click here for a brief series of articles for drummers, including Drum "tuning", Musical forms, Transcribing, reading, and writing drum parts, Improvising, etc..

Click here for a brief series of articles on the subject of live recording.

- Mike James

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Rare and Beautiful Moments:

Jazz history fans, check out all five episodes of the television specials, "Words and Music, with Oscar Peterson", on YouTube. There are some beautiful moments there.

I'm a big fan of Evelyn's Glennie's work, both as a percussionist, and as an educator. Here's a beautiful example by Evelyn, on the subject of listening.

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